The Incredible Results of Buying and Holding a High Growth Stock

Everyone who is an investor would love to buy a small growth stock that becomes a financial life changer if held long enough. There are two difficulties with this. The first problem is obvious, these kinds of stocks are extremely difficult to find. Someone would be very fortunate to find one in a lifetime. The […]

Rent Increases: A Big Margin of Safety When Purchasing a Commercial Property

One great way for real estate investors to protect themselves after purchasing a commercial property is to be able to increase rents shortly after buying. This accomplishes two things: The debt coverage ratio (Net Operating Income – Debt Service) improves, and the value of the property increases. One rent increase goes a long way in […]

Real Estate Investing: Discussion of Cap Rates

One of the first things real estate investors look for when purchasing a commercial property whether it’s an office building, retail center, industrial building or an apartment complex is the capitalization rate, or cap rate. For newer investors, the cap rate is when you take the property’s net operating income (NOI) and divide it by […]

If Cash Flow From Investments is Your Goal Look to Real Estate

I read and listen to debates about what assets are best for creating current income.  The debate usually compares dividend paying stocks versus rental properties such as a single family home, duplex or a larger apartment complex.  In my view, investment real estate (not a primary residence) is one of the best ways to create […]