I am a 42 year old former professional golfer that played many years on the PGA Tour and decided to start a website dedicated to helping others become more knowledgable about personal finance, real estate investing and investing in stocks.  My goal is to provide information for all people to take command of their finances and learn concepts that will set them up for a successful financial life.  Many of these concepts will make life much easier financially, but aren’t things that are adequately taught in our education system in my opinion.  People should go through life with less financial stress, build their net worth, and have many different streams of income.  This information is not intended for getting rich quickly, it is more about a framework for long term success.  There are many paths to wealth building, but two prominent ones are stock investing and real estate investing.  If done properly, both can help anyone to have a successful financial life.


Disclaimer: I am not a financial adviser.  Anyone making financial decisions should conduct their own due diligence or consult with a financial adviser first.  I am not responsible for anyone’s decisions, individuals are responsible for their own decision making.  Individual investors can lose money in both stocks and real estate.  The information expressed in this blog is believed to be factual, but investors should verify any information expressed on this website before making any decisions.