Is it Possible to Beat the S&P 500?

There are so many discussions amongst investors and academics about beating the S&P 500 and if it’s even possible. I not only think it’s possible, but likely for someone who has a decent knowledge of accounting and finance, calm temperament, and a long-term mindset. If an investor owns great businesses, and buys them at fair […]

Always Make Sure the Numbers Work When Buying Income Producing Real Estate

One of the cardinal rules of real estate investing is to make sure the “numbers” work.   Good real estate investors constantly harp on making sure the numbers are right before doing any deal.  What does that mean exactly?  Primarily it means two thing:  Analyzing of key numbers and positive cash flow. The key numbers […]

Focus on These Basic Factors When Studying a Real Estate Market

There are a few factors to look for when researching a potential market for investing in real estate.  While an in depth market analysis would require dozens of different metrics and factors to scrutinize, in my opinion there are four basic factors that really determine whether a potential market is investable.  These factors are population […]

Some Perspective/Thoughts on the Current Stock Market Correction

As I write this, the stock market is currently down ~10% from it’s all time high. In investor terms, that is frequently referred to as a “correction.” The financial media makes a huge deal out of these corrections, but in the long term they are pretty meaningless. Pull out a chart of the stock market […]